How should grow annually a business to be profitable
How should grow annually a business to be profitable
A business must analyze it as a security. If we each month on a graph sales and profits, we have an upward graph, and as in the actions, could be slight corrections, but in the long term should be bullish.
Stages of a revolutionary business idea
Stages of a revolutionary business idea
When we have a revolutionary idea , both for starting a business and to increase our sales stalled in an existing company, our initial reaction is usually enthusiasm and hope, ushering in a “story of the milkmaid”.
Easy steps to define your market
Easy steps to define your market
A business idea is not everything , but having it is already a good start. It requires ask some questions already discussed in our article 15 questions to evaluate a business idea.
The rules of hiring brightest minds in business
The rules of hiring brightest minds in business
Curriculum is an element that remains valid for recruitment, the fact is that when we talk about certain companies, their importance is away to the background.
Business ideas you can start almost penniless
Business ideas you can start almost penniless
Creating this type of business or take up part – time the distribution of advertising does not require initial investment.

Best ideas of new business for 2016 0

1. Call Center focused on small businesses.

Center Call centers have always been focused on large companies, being inaccessible to small owner or autonomous. After getting noticed the decline of the Call Center, some American companies are now focusing on meeting the needs of small businesses and freelancers, because really have this kind of service at an affordable price could increase sales and give you a picture more professional. It’s a matter of analyzing the project and profitability.

2. Business training in the use of Software.

Selling software that makes life easier for professionals, is also on the rise, but there are many companies that use new software and whose employees take time to learn to use it properly or get all the utility that could bring. Although all software has its manuals, sometimes they are not entirely useful, and can reduce learning time if an expert adequately explained how managers use.

3. food truck.

Although we know that in many countries this idea may not be entirely feasible by burocrácritas barriers in those countries where it is permitted has proven to be a very profitable business if we consider that we can focus on a few hours of work a day, especially on weekends in nightspots. The good thing about this idea is that a truck ready to become mobile restaurant requires much less investment than opening a restaurant.

4. Company professional translators and interpreters.

In a globalized business world the presence of our company in several countries is required if we want to cover much more, so now more than ever, the perfect translation of a web or database is required. Similarly, in the world of global business we may have the need for an interpreter to close a deal with a foreign client, and need an interpreter seamless.

5. control services employees.

More and more companies that do not need their employees to come to the company because telematics can work. While there are some programs that measure employee performance, the fact is that to bring a more comprehensive monitoring, many companies have difficulty interpreting a series of charts and statistics. At other times they do not have time, and hire a department specifically for this function, probably not profitable.

6. Mobile Services aesthetics.

In some countries they have appeared some vans whose interior is a cabinet where aesthetic manicure, pedicure or facials done, although we must not use both. Today, there is a customer who does not have time or inclination to take a car and go to a beauty center, so that each sees more cosmetic service delivery, where customers can comb or dye her hair in her is claimed own home as well as a massage or a manicure. Everything in your own home. also ideal for people who work from home and that can be good customers of this service.

7. Vending Machines (Vending)

Vending’s business continues to grow. In fact, today there are many franchises in this sector. Vending machines today are not like before. We can sell almost anything (see: the most original vending machines ). Since water and refreshments in buildings, coffee and food companies, to bread and eggs on the street. Of everything. A 24 – hour supermarket open 7 days a week.

8. Smartphone Repair and sale of resale.

It is said that there is today almost more smartphones than people. And it is an expensive product, both when buying and when to repair. Certain repairs not covered by insurance companies. At other times the break comes once we no longer guarantee the terminal. That’s why in the United States have soared openings smartphones repair shops. In other cases, they are also dedicated to buying old phones to be sold as second hand. It may be a good deal.

9. Contractors.

Throughout the crisis, the profession has fallen dramatically contractor, so as the sector recovers, many people have difficulty finding one professional and skilled labor when you decide to fix your home.

10. Beyond the contractor.

Today, with the rise of the internet of things and as energetically sustainable housing, I think it is time to think about the idea of becoming the contractor of the future, where in addition to bricklayers and electricians could include more technological profiles to work with home automation, mobile applications and alternative energy.

Tips for starting a successful business 0

1. Start the business gradually.

This is clearly not applicable to all types of business, because if the business you’re thinking is riding a cafe, you can not do it slowly. For businesses that does apply, you can now start your own home, only with a computer and a mobile phone, then you need to start is called “client”, and the customer, at the beginning you have to go looking. Do not fall into the trap of committing overspending. Reverses the minimum possible at first. Follow the steps we took in how to start your business without money . Remember that a high percentage of business has not taken off, and somehow due to incurring too many expenses before winning the first euro. Office, cleaning, personal secretary and chauffeur can wait.

2. This will be your business plan. We live in the era of “business plan” and other imported American buzzwords. Forget all that in principle, then we will give you a plan more effective business . Your strategy is to start looking for a first customer. Once you have it , repeat the play. Now look for another 2 customers, and repeat, but looking for five more. That is the most effective business plan at first. Once your company has grown considerably and you need 100 million expandirte, because here you have the structure of a business plan .

3. Partners , treatment is not recommended. This is very relative. The search for a partner should be to create synergies between them that will make them more competitive … or a partner (which I would think a lot and would be my last resort). The fact is that in a while I see many new entrepreneurs seeking a partner because they are scared shitless. That is, they are so afraid of starting their own business looking for a partner to share his fear. Remember that no matter what kind of partner you choose if the business fails fast. But you can regret a lifetime if your business becomes a large company.

4. Cash flow. Remember that the business cash flow lives and dies with negative cash flow . While we can start a business without a lot of knowledge that experts say we need, it is certain that you fully understand the cash flow. You must make your own estimates of costs and sales. And these estimates should be very pessimistic. Forget about Paulo Coelho while you’re doing these calculations, as always sales are lower than expected and expenses are more than those calculated. One sees that you made ​​your first investments, estimates that your business can survive for at least 6 months with some less than the projected income in your calculations. But much eye to the next point.

5. Separate business finances with personal. As I said in a previous article, mixing personal finances with business is the biggest mistake I keep looking at small business owners . Please note that our personal “letters” can ruin a company that was very profitable if we are not able to separate both accounts.

6. Sales. All companies are based on the customers. Without customers there can be no business. Sales Reef is the great entrepreneurs, and unfortunately, as you do not have money to hire good salespeople are going to have to be a salesman. And to sell need to know your real market your prospects. You should know the advantages and disadvantages that competitive products have regarding your products, and have the necessary skill to meet that customer need with your product putting him ahead of the competition. Do not underestimate sales, as a good salesman does not just sales, but also makes customers loyal.

7. A marketing plan. Most new businesses believe they do not need a marketing plan. In fact they think they can have a great product and excellent service and sell it even though nobody knows it exists the company in question. And that will not happen. As someone once said, ” Not having a marketing plan is exactly planning to fail “. Have you thought about how you’ll get to know your business to run before you run out of money by the lack of sales / revenues ?.

8. Reduces risks. Again Coelho forget. We know that an entrepreneur must take many risks and that only those who risk win, but to see how to say this in an elegant way …. “Only an idiot would take the risk of crossing a lake full of crocodiles, can encircle lake “. the entrepreneur is already taking risks on the day you choose to start your business , so once on the trip, you should also check the result. In many cases, it is preferable to take longer and do it safely take a risk that we do not control for a faster gain. You’ll have time and need to take big risks.


A roof is broken and needs repair can be very dangerous. Repairing a damaged roof is a good way to prevent unnecessary dangers. A roof in poor or old can endanger the safety of persons occupying the property.

Generally, it is recommended to make an inspection careful because in this way it will detect any problem before it becomes a serious matter.

Not only repairing the roof provides security to the occupants of the house, but also increases the life of the house. Also saves the cost of installing a new roof.

It is advisable to consult a roofing contractor to inspect and check if the roof is in good condition. The regular roof inspection will help you discover any signs of deterioration and possible risks. It also
will help you identify what type of repair is necessary.

The inspection can be informal or formal. The formal inspection usually involves checking the roof to see that is not covered by unwanted objects such as tree leaves or even snow. On the other hand, the informal inspection is done after a strong wind or severe / rain storm.

After this, the expert has to confirm all safety procedures made the ceiling and reviewing construction documents, which may involve previous inspection reports and other related information.

Roofs that have signs of water infiltration and moisture need maintenance work to correct their conditions. This work plan has to be followed strictly in order to minimize damage to the roof and structure. Watch the video that teaches how to repair roof roofs where water seeps and leaks form, follow this link.

Before a repair is best to get an experienced and trustworthy contractor. Repairing your roof has to be done by a professional who is certified by the local authorities.

Find an expert with an outstanding record in roof repair. Take time to look at your work history made ​​earlier. This will give a clear idea of how your house will look after reviewing the ceiling. Check the entry dealing with the installation of a new roof over the old in a house.

In addition, the expert must have the latest technology in roof repair , because having it ensures that the quality of the repair will be optimal, resulting in a service worthy of the money spent.

Finally, find a contractor who will charge a fair rate. It is vital that compare the rates available to know what professional contract. Do not be fooled by the wide range of discounts offered, rather than choose a qualified charge a reasonable sum of money expert.

Also, do not forget to check the guarantees offered by different experts. Verify that the contractor has insured its workers in order to avoid problems with insurance in case of an accident. It is recommended to personally interview the contractor, in order to know how it works.


The residential flat roof is undoubtedly the choice of most people. This type of roof is quite simple in terms of construction there is more than enough experience.

Many homeowners choose this kind of roofing hoping to achieve a better finish or presentation. Still, it has been seen in many cases that the flat, horizontal roof is prone to certain flaws or drawbacks.

1- Lack of knowledge to choose the material.

On several occasions the roof has to face abrupt climate changes, they can range from extremely cold temperatures to scorching heat. The main mistake that
commits the average homeowner is not to investigate and choose the material of choice instead of building adequate shelter for the area where you live. The difference between an informed choice and personal taste can be very expensive cost, especially if we are talking about something as important as the roof.

2 Skip the signs of deterioration.

Many people do not take encerio damage as small leaks, stains, etc. However these are the first signs of lack of maintenance. It is always better safe than sorry, especially if you compare the cost of minor repairs to total replacement of a roof due to gradual damage generated over the years.

3. Do not take into account the temperature, humidity, and condensation.

It is possible to avoid more serious problems during construction, for that you need to inspect labor, or failing to hire an expert to verify the quality of the materials and the construction process taking into account factors such as temperature, and the accumulation of moisture to face condensation.

4- Dimensions inadequate.

It is also important that you corroborates the dimensions of corridors, windows, skylights, etc., as these are the areas where the roof is most affected during winter and summer. Ventilation is another important aspect that determines life of the roof.

5- Do not turn to a professional.

This is a crucial error. The best way to prevent leaks and other damage is to use immediately with either an expert or have a question or suspected to be a problem with your roof. The professional conduct careful monitoring and determine if you are using the recommended and authorized for the area where you live materials.